Processing documentation, drawings and electronic models, drawn by European standards.

Assembly units

Manufacturing, assembly, adjustment of special adaptations, equipment and technological equipment according to the customer’s drawings.


Development and manufacturing of complex technological equipment for automation, mechanization of production processes.

Core Products

  • Single and small series of parts, mainly turning and milling using round and flat grinding, electroerosion, metalworking.
  • Presses for pharmacology (punches and matrices for rotary tablet pressing lines).
  • Molds, drums, punching stamps for packing tablets and capsules.
  • Parts for directional drilling systems.
  • Circular knives for cutting sheet material.
  • Calibration details such as spinnerets, extrusion matrices, rolling blocks, sizing frames.
  • Cogwheels, spline joint parts according to foreign technical conditions.
  • Rotational shafts of hot foil stamping for the printing industry.
  • Hydraulic parts.
  • Avia-space industry components.
  • Details of assembly stocks for automotive.
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