Our services include:

Development and manufacturing of complex technological equipment for automation, mechanization of production processes.

Designing and manufacturing of equipment for the newest production processes.

Development and manufacturing of machine tools and special equipment with their technological support; equipment for the thread extraction from cellulose solution. Design and manufacture of equipment for rewinding, cutting of roll materials used in the printing and other industries.



Trained staff

Our employees are professionals with higher or secondary special education. The average length of service is 12 years. Employees have skills of manufacturing complex products.


Execution of orders with all the nuances and peculiarities. Parts series production. The ability of using imported materials. Flexible pricing policy.

Modern equipment

We use modern equipment and tools from Japan, Germany, USA and Switzerland in manufacturing. 4 and 5 axis processing is professionally used as well.


Production of high complexity products. Shape deviation, perpendicularity and plane parallelism is ranging within 2-3 microns. Size deviation is ranging within 3-5 microns.


The customer will receive a response to his request within 72 hours. Manufacturing of products is carried out at the agreed time. Any delays in production are excluded.

Execution and delivery

We deliver to Belarus, Russia, the United States and European Union countries. Years of experience of full customs clearance. Low shipping costs.